Javascript Pivot Table Builder for ASP.NET NReco extensions for pivottable.js + ASP.NET integration

Key Features open source pivottable.js jQuery plugin

  • Javascript PivotTable that can load and handle up to 100,000 rows in a web browser
  • UI query builder (table selection, server-side data filter, columns to load)
  • Supports pivot charts (Google Charts, C3 Charts)

NReco Extensions advanced features for pivottable.js

  • Sort pivot table by values, totals or labels
  • Fixed headers (freeze headers for rows & columns)
  • Boostrap 3.x styles
  • Save/load state of user configured reports
  • Server-side exports (.NET): CSV (CSVHelper), Excel (EPPlus), PDF (NReco.PdfGenerator)
ASP.NET WebPivot builder integration steps
  1. Configure SQL database connection (PivotController.cs lines 75-77) for SQL Server/Mysql/PostgreSQL or any other SQL database which have ADO.NET provider.
  2. Configure dataset schema for tables or dataviews (Pivot/Index.cshtml, lines 90-105 )
  3. That's all! Additionally you may write your own server-side handlers for saving/loading user-defined reports.
See also:

Load/Save Pivot Report State

Get Report State (Save) Set Report State (Load)

Pivot Report State Json:

Export Pivot Report to CSV/Excel/PDF

Export to CSV Export to Excel Export to PDF

Pivot table with client-side NReco extensions may be embedded into any web application.
NReco WebPivot (with server-side data source selection, data filtering and export functions) may be embedded into any ASP.NET application.

NReco Web Pivot Builder